What will I be doing?

Robot Team

What’s the coursework like?

The electrical engineering curriculum consists of four years of approximately 16 units each quarter. The majority of the classes you will take will be electrical engineering courses including: circuit analysis, electronic design, digital design, communication systems, and electromagnetic waves. However, this curriculum will also be supported by a required background in several support mathematics, physics, and other engineering-related courses and general education requirements. Cal Poly’s electrical engineering program is rigorous; however, the department offers a “Promise-Keeping” policy to ensure that all students are guaranteed spots in courses designated on their EE curriculum flowchart and make-up sections for those that fall behind. For a complete depiction of the curriculum, visit our Academics page.

EE Faculty

Who will be teaching me?

The majority of electrical engineering classes at Cal Poly are taught by full-time faculty and lecturers. In some situations, outstanding graduate students will teach labs. Visit our Faculty section to become acquainted with our faculty and staff.

What kinds of projects will I be doing?

A good sample of the types of projects the EE students can be found in our projects section.

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What kinds of clubs and organizations are there?

Several clubs are associated with the engineering program at Cal Poly. These clubs include: the Amateur Radio Club, Audio Engineering Club, Electric Vehicle Club, Engineering Student Council, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Renewable Energy, RMAP-SPIE, Robotics, Society of Women Engineers, and Power and Energy Society. For a complete list and description of engineering-related clubs, try http://www.asi.calpoly.edu/club_directory?affiliation=12.