Is Cal Poly Right for Me?

Is this someplace I want to live?

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San Luis Obispo is a city of about 44,000 on the central coast of California halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The city and university share a neighborly, small-campus, small-town feeling and one of the finest natural environments anywhere. With its year-round temperate climate, majestic peaks, quiet valley, and the nearby ocean, Cal Poly is an ideal environment for learning and growing. Cal Poly’s main campus consists of 1,321 acres with surrounding peaks and valleys. To the north of the academic core is an additional 8,357 acres of rolling campus devoted to student farming, experimental architecture, and other outdoor laboratory studies. As a result, Cal Poly is one of the largest campuses in the nation.

Will I have fun?

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Cal Poly students partake in music, dance, drama, films, fine arts, rodeo, radio, student government, and many other opportunities to develop skills and interests. Students live both on and off campus. Cal Poly has more residence halls than any other CSU campus with arrangements for 3,600 students. Cal Poly offers a high-tech recreational sports complex, which offers exercise and fitness rooms, a 50 meter swimming pool, double level gymnasium, racquetball courts, and martial arts rooms. Instructional facilities are as specialized and lab-oriented as the instructional programs. Cal Poly never stops developing new facilities and adapting old facilities to include the latest technology. The university’s library contains 620,000 books and 107,000 bound periodicals and an extensive collection of government documents. If you were walk around the campus and look into the classrooms, labs, and lounges, you would find Cal Poly students reading, studying, and attending class. But that’s not all; you’ll also find them getting their hands dirty and learning by doing. Career education at Cal Poly is taught within the framework of a thorough general education that helps students develop fully, not just as trained professionals, but as educated individuals. Curriculum is designed to teach students to think logically, judge critically, and communicate clearly.

What sorts of clubs and groups are available?

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Cal Poly has over 300 Student Organizations including: academic, community service, cultural, environmental, honor, performing arts, political, professional, recreational, religious, and special interest clubs. Over 20 clubs are associated with the College of Engineering at Cal Poly. For a listing and description of each club, visit Intramural sports are also available every quarter. For more information on these offered sports, visit

For More Information

More information on Cal Poly can be found on the Admissions website.  Also check out, San Luis Obispo's visitor website for lots of info on San Luis Obispo and surrounding areas.