Undergraduate Research Opportunities

January 23, 2008

The Honors Program invites academically motivated students to participate in undergraduate research opportunities. All majors are welcome. Participating students are required to have a 3.3 or greater Cal Poly cumulative GPA. There are over 25 research projects to select from. For a complete list of available projects please see: These research projects cover a wide variety of topics and are calling for a wide variety of majors, so there should be something for most everyone who is interested in doing research. Participation in the Honors Research Program does not require admission in the Honors Program, but we would welcome you to explore the option. For Honors Program details, please visit our website at: One of many program benefits includes scholarships for students majoring in most engineering disciplines who have a financial need. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! For more details, please contact the Honors Program at honors(put 'at' sign here) or call 756-7029.