Ron Smith, CENG Honored Alumnus speaks to EE Freshman

November 18, 2010

Ron Smith, Vice President for Directed Energy Systems, Northrop Grumman and Honored Alumnus for the College of Engineering spoke to a group of 125 freshman Electrical Engineering students on Nov. 29. His talk was titled, “Life after Cal Poly”, and he spoke about why students should stay focused and complete their education. He acknowledged that there are points in all college careers where one feels that it won’t be possible to graduate. He went on to outline how the nation, the state, the community and the individual benefits when they complete their college education. Great opportunities are available to those that persevere. Ron is pictured here with Dennis Derickson, the Department Chair for the Electrical Engineering Department and Dr. Erling Smith, Acting Dean for the College of Engineering. Ron is holding a signed picture presented to him by the Faculty, Staff, and IAB of the Electrical Engineering Department.