Professor Bridget Benson QOLT Award

December 02, 2015

Professor Bridget Benson was honored with the 2015 Quality Online Learning and Teaching Award (QOLT) for the 23 Campus California State University System.  Dr. Benson created an Online version of the CPE133.  CPE133 is the first digital design lecture and laboratory course offered for second year students in electrical engineering and computer engineering at Cal Poly.   The Online version is offered in the summer quarter allowing students to make progress in the major from anywhere in the world.  The CPE133 class has students work with Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to implement complex computer system functionality.   A unique aspect of the Online CPE133 course is that students work as design teams to develop digital hardware projects with FPGAs.  Professor Benson provided recorded lectures but also offered audio/video office hours and message boards for all participants in the class.  Professor Benson compared the results of her summer CPE133 Online classes to her on campus version of the class. The results were published with the American Society of Engineering Education.  Student evaluations of the course found it to be a very effective delivery method and students appreciated the learning involved with managing a multi-location project team.