Jet Propulsion Laboratory hosts student visit

January 30, 2014

On January 23, 2014, Mike Tsai, Dr. Richard Hodges, Dr. Matt Radway, and Dr. Joseph Vacchione of the JPL Spacecraft Antennas Group and Jan Tarsala, Cal Poly alumnus and JPL engineer hosted Drs. Dean Arakaki and Dennis Derickson, Jenny Parawan, Karissa Cristiano, Miguel Contreras, Vivian Su, Travis Go, Travis Robinson, Jason Schray, Nathan Zimmerer, Ryan Green, Henry Ly for a tour, discussion and lunch at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The JPL Public Tour Office escorted the group to the von Karman Auditorium and Spacecraft Museum (previous space missions, examined aerogel), Spacecraft Flight Operations Center (tracking 300+ satellites), briefing on the MSL (Mars Science Lab) Mars rover, and the Spacecraft Assembly Facility (SMAP – Soil, Moisture, Active, Passive Satellite assembly to launch Nov 2014)

They also toured the Mesa Antenna Range, which is operated by the Spacecraft Antennas Group at JPL. Led by Mr. Bill Pickett, Dr. Richard Hodges, and Dr. Jeff Harrell, they toured several outdoor antenna ranges, a multipactor chamber for antenna arc testing in planetary environments, and a microwave anechoic chamber.