Equipment Donations

February 27, 2008

In Fall 2007, Enerpro Inc. in Goleta donated 12 units of their single-phase thyristor firing boards worth $4,884 to the power electronics lab. In addition, the company through their president Mr. Frank Bourbeau donated $10,000 for use in the power electronics lab. According to Dr. Taufik, the lab coordinator for the power electronics lab, the generous donated equipment from Enerpro will definitely help enhance the capability of the power electronics lab, while the generous cash donation will help support research activities in the area of power electronics.

In Fall 2005, Texas Instruments and Venable Instruments donated one unit of 3120 FRA Loop Stability Analysis System with computer interface and one signal injection transformer (bode box) worth $16,885. "The equipment will be a great addition to the power electronics lab since it will enable our students to perform test, measurement and analysis on phase/gain and impedance of power supplies and dc-dc converters," said Dr. Taufik.

San Diego Gas and Electric generously donated $78,322 worth of equipment to the power lab in Winter 2007. The donated equipment consists of digital power system relays: 8 units of phase/ground distance & directional ground, 8 units of Phase/ground directional overcurrent, and 2 units of communication processors. The equipment provides the opportunity to upgrade the outdated relays currently used for the power system lab, and they also serve as great hands-on learning tools for our power students in understanding the use of digital relays in power system protection.