Electrical Engineering hosts CENG Honored Alum

October 31, 2014

The Electrical Engineering Department hosted the 2014 College of Engineering Honored Alum, Carson Chen and his wife Helen on October 31, 2014.  Mr. Chen (EE ’73) started the morning speaking to the Freshman EE 111 class where he praised the students for their creativity and encouraged them to seek opportunities of entrepreneurship.  This is a message that Chen has developed over the years starting with Innovation Quest (; an initiative that fosters “innovation and entrepreneurship” by providing seed funding for business opportunities.   The College of Engineering Advancement Office and the Electrical Engineering Department hosted a lunch for the Chens where they were able to visit with faculty, staff, and students.  Professor Emeritus Mike Cirovic also attended the lunch. Professor Cirovic was one of Carson Chen’s professors when he attended Cal Poly in the early 70’s.   Mr. Chen ended the day as the EE weekly seminar guest lecturer. Mr. Chen will be honored tonight at a dinner given by President Armstrong and will be presented at the half-time ceremonies at the Homecoming game on Saturday, November 1.