Supporting the EE Department

Thank you for your interest in the Electrical Engineering Department. If you would like to contribute to the mission of the department to "educate students toward excellence in the discipline of Electrical Engineering and to teach them to apply their knowledge in solving practical problems in a socially responsible way" please consider contributing to one of the funds listed below by visiting our online giving site.

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Cal Poly Electrical Engineeering is developing an Advanced Communication Systems Laboratory (ACSL) in Building 20 Room 113.  Companion coursework and Labwork is also being introduced to utilize this new ACSL facility. This ACSL is  complementary to our highly successful RF and Microwave Engineering Laboratory next door in 20-116.    The EE department strives to give our students  a superior communicationss systems laboratory experience as the industry moves from 4G systems to 5G wireless systems over the next decade.  This laboratory provides a dual mission providing both dedicated teaching and research space. We also strive to partner with the Cube-Sat Laboratory at Cal Poly in order to improve communication link data rates for these small satellites.

Key equipment being donated and aquired for this laboratory 20-113 upgrade are: 

a.  Vector Signal Generators.

b.  Vector Signal Analyzers.

c.  VHF/UHF/Microwave antenna ystems.

d.  Commercial Wireless networking equipment.

e.  Software Defined Radio equipment.

f.  RF, microwave and millimeter wave signal sources.

g.  RF, microwave, and millimeter wave spectrum analyzers.

h.  Communication Systems Development Boards.

i.  Screen Room.

We need your help in the build out of this new laboratory so please contact Department Chair Dennis Derickson,, if you can advocate for this initiative.



Cal Poly Electrical Electrical Engineering has a long continuous history for education of students in the electric power systems area.  Key current facilities include the Energy Conversion Laboratory 20-102, the Power Electronics Laboratory 20-104, the Renewable Energy Systems Lab 20-150, and the Power Systems Projects Laboratory 20-101.  The EE department is in the process of augmenting these laboratory facilities for teaching and research purposes.   Key initiatives include:

a.  Easily Configurable Microgrid Energy System with generation, energy storage, and extensive metering as part of building 20.

b.  Advanced Electric Machines Equipment.

c.  Real Time Digital Simulator to complement our Electric Power Systems CAD tools.  

d.  Cyber Security Teaching and Research Network focusing  on Smart Energy Systems.

e.  Projects Laboratory focussed on Sustainability, Energy Conservation, Electric Vehicles, and "Internet of Things"- enabled Efficient Homes.

Electrical Engineering needs your help in the build out these new initiatives and laboratories!  Please contact Professor Taufik, Director or the Electric Power Institue,,  or Department Chair Dennis Derickson,


Please contact us for additional methods and ideas for supporting the Electrical Engineering Department.