John Y. Oliver

Associate Professor, Director of CPE Program

Phone: 805-756-5434
Office: 20-215

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I like the dynamic field of computer architecture. Low-power embedded systems are particularly interesting, the design space requires innovative, elegant solutions. I'm also passionate about education pedagogy.

Currently, I am the director of the Computer Engineering Program (CPE). I spend a majority of my teaching time reaching out to CPE freshmen, trying to ensure their success. My goals for the CPE program are: 1) establish strategic direction for the program 2) improve gender balance in the student body 3) alumni outreach 4) enhance multidisciplinary opportunities in the program.

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BS - Boston University - 1998
PhD - University of California, Davis - 2007

Teaching and Research Interests

Computer Architecture

Data Storage and Management
Computer Forensics
Engineering Education


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    This is my live schedule (Zimbra). The Zimbra web view of my schedule is poorly done and only shows the start times for events. Please click on the individual events to see their end times.
  • CPE 07-09 Dependency Flowchart
    The CPE 07-09 curriculum in a dependency flowchart: more clearly shows the pre-requisite chain of the curriculum. Made with graphviz/gimp