Faculty & Staff

The Electrical Engineering faculty are dedicated to refining the ever-changing body of knowledge specified by basic engineering principles and modern high-technology developments. The support staff is likewise dedicated to providing student assistance as well as technical support of the faculty. The Electrical Engineering faculty is primarily tenured and tenure-track full-time professors. Additional academic and curricular support is provided by emeritus faculty members and high-quality lecturers.

The focus of Cal Poly Electrical Engineering faculty members is two-fold. First, faculty members combine their considerable industrial and research experience with current projects to offer students an educational experience based in a modern context. The varied faculty interests are evident by the number and quality of projects they develop and supervise. Second, faculty members are dedicated to on-going improvements to the Electrical Engineering curriculum commensurate with technological advancements and to convey current engineering knowledge and practice.

Faculty Interest List


Samuel O. Agbo Professor 20-310 805-756-1528
William L. Ahlgren Associate Professor on Leave Sp. 15 20-213 805-756-2309
Dean Y. Arakaki Associate Professor 20-302 805-756-2625
Bridget Benson Assistant Professor 20-309 805-756-5738
David B. Braun Professor 20-304 805-756-1464
Andrew Danowitz Assistant Professor 20-306 805-756-2756
Fred W. DePiero Professor 192-304 805-756-2131
Dennis Derickson Department Chair 20-200 805-756-7584
Dale Dolan Associate Professor 20-205 805-756-2495
Xiaomin Jin Associate Professor 20-315 805-756-7046
Albert Liddicoat Professor 01-314 805-756-5217
Art MacCarley Department Head, BRAE & Professor 08-102 805-756-2378
Bryan Mealy Associate Professor 20-300 805-756-2300
Ahmad Nafisi Professor 20-317 805-756-1514
John Y. Oliver Associate Professor, Director of CPE Program 20-215A 805-756-5434
Wayne Pilkington Associate Professor 20-204 805-756-5431
Vladimir Prodanov Assistant Professor 20-308 805-756-5393
John A. Saghri Professor 20-312 805-756-1462
Ali O. Shaban Professor 20-305 805-756-2918
Lynne Slivovsky Professor 20-313 805-756-5383
Tina Smilkstein Assistant Professor 20-318 805-756-2497
Hugh Smith Professor 14-216 805-756-7542
Taufik Professor, Director of Electric Power Institute on Leave Sp. 15 20-203 805-756-2318
Xiao-Hua (Helen) Yu Professor 20-311 805-756-2441
Jane Zhang Professor, Associate Dept. Chair, Graduate Coordinator 20-307 805-756-7528


Kurt Behpour Lecturer 20-118A prefer email
Mostafa Chinichian Lecturer 20-208 805-756-2149
Steve Dittmann Lecturer 20-118A 805-756-2781
Jeffrey Gerfen Lecturer 20-303 prefer email
Tony Lenz Lecturer 20-207 prefer email
Dan Malone Lecturer 20-314 prefer email
Clay McKell Lecturer 20-214 805-756-5689
Curtis Nelson Lecturer 20-118A email preferred
Al Pawlowski Lecturer 20-118A 805-756-2781
John Penvenne Lecturer 20-316 805-756-2668
Gary Perks Lecturer 20-319 805-756-1463
John Planck Lecturer 20-118A 805-756-2781
Majid Poshtan Lecturer 20-301 805-756-2763
David Retz Lecturer 20-118A (see weekly schedule) 805-756-2781
James Tuccillo Lecturer 20-301 805-756-2781
Patrick Wallen Lecturer 20-316 805-756-2668
Michael Wilson Lecturer 20-314 805-756-5691

Teaching Associates

Cheryl-Ann Alfred Graduate Teaching Associate 20-121 805-756-2781
David Garges Graduate Teaching Associate 20-121 805-756-2781
Marcus Heim Graduate Teaching Associate 20-207 805-756-2781
Christian Martens Graduate Teaching Associate 20-135 707-360-7318

Faculty Emeritus

Warren Anderson Professor Emeritus
Jerome R. Breitenbach Professor Emeritus
Thomas Chou Professor Emeritus
Michael M. Cirovic Professor Emeritus
Clifford Cloonan Professor Emeritus
Samir Datta Professor Emeritus
Arthur Dickerson Professor Emeritus
Richard Dickey Professor Emeritus
Eugene Fabricius Professor Emeritus
Saul Goldberg Professor Emeritus
Gary Granneman Professor Emeritus
James G. Harris Professor Emeritus
Michael Hawes Professor Emeritus
William Horton Professor Emeritus
Martin E. Kaliski Professor Emeritus 20-301 805-756-5689
John McCombs Professor Emeritus
Wayne McMorran Professor Emeritus
Shien-yi Meng Professor Emeritus
Mahmood Nahvi Professor Emeritus 20-118A 805-756-2781
Richard Sandige Professor Emeritus
Cheng Sun Professor Emeritus 20-316 805-756-2004
Shyama C. Tandon Professor Emeritus
James Tseng Professor Emeritus
Gustav Wassel Professor Emeritus
Donley Winger Professor Emeritus
Harry Wolf Professor Emeritus
Michael T. Wollman Professor Emeritus
Chuan Yeh Professor Emeritus


Jaime Carmo Equipment Technician 20-106 805-756-2647
Yvonne Lynch Administrative Coordinator 20-200 805-756-2782
Robert Randle Network Analyst 20-106 805-756-2550
Daniel Williams
Lani Woods Administrative Analyst 20-200 805-756-6320