Controls Lab

Location: 20-112
Coordinator: Dr. Art MacCarley
Facilities: EE 301/341 , EE 302/342, EE 432/472
Size: 1030
Average Number of Students a Year: 410
Utilization Ratio: 0.4


This laboratory serves our basic lecture courses in systems and control, introducing students to a variety of concepts in signal analysis, servocontrol, open and closed loop system analysis, compensator design, and state variable feedback. Digital control system analysis and design are also taught, with an emphasis on linear discrete-time systems, robotics, electromechanical systems, and advanced nonlinear discrete-time controls. Many senior projects and special projects are also supported in this facility. All courses taught in this lab utilize the SIM342 integrated laboratory environment, written by Cal Poly faculty and students specifically for this facility. SIM342 runs on networked PCs with IEEE488 bus interfaces, to facilitate the importation and analysis of data from the digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer, for overlay and comparison capability with simulated and calculated results generated by the program. This fully integrated environment of electromechanical system analysis and design is constantly being improved and developed by faculty and staff, to provide the best possible laboratory educational environment.

Equipment Needs

Our equipment needs in this lab are extensive, in large part due the unusually large number of students and number of different lab courses conducted in this facility. The following acquisitions would be very helpful: