RF Microwave Lab

Location: 20-116
Coordinator: Dr. Dean Arakaki
Facilities: EE 375, EE 445, EE 455, EE 456, EE 480, EE 502, EE 541
Size: 1276
Average Number of Students a Year: 150
Utilization Ratio: 0.118


The RF Microwave Laboratory services the required EE 375 (Signal Transmission Laboratory), as well as EE 445 (RF Amplifiers), EE 455 (Analog Filters), EE 456 (Digital Communications), and EE 480 (Wireless Communications) senior EE technical elective laboratory courses. The Microwave Lab also provides equipment for ten senior project students to construct and characterize analog, RF and microwave-related design projects.

Current Equipment

Microwave Lab 4 medL Microwave Lab 5 medL

Current Measurement System:

The Microwave Lab also includes an Antenna Anechoic Test Chamber (8ft x 6ft x 6ft) donated by Toyon Corporation, Goleta, CA:

Chamber Construction   Chamber Exterior3   Chamber Interior

Chamber Exterior2   Chamber Exterior   Positioner

Cal Poly project funding (CP-Connect Program) enabled acquisition of a positioner system (Sunol Sciences model FS-121) and a custom antenna fixture. Recent senior and master's thesis projects include LabVIEW code development to synchronize RF test equipment (vector network analyzers) with the positioner system for antenna radiation pattern measurements.

Chamber Diagram

Labview Positioner  Labview Rad Patt

Each instructional lab station is equipped with:



Additional laboratory-available equipment:


Equipment Needs