Power Electronics Lab

Location: 20-104
Coordinator: Dr. Taufik
Facilities: EE 410, EE 411, EE 433, EE 527
Size: 914
Average Number of Students a Year: 45
Utilization Ratio: 0.05


The power electronics lab at Cal Poly is aimed to accommodate the instructional laboratory activities for power electronic courses offered at Cal Poly State University. The lab facilitates faculty and students who are conducting research, theses, industry sponsored projects in power converters in particular and electrical energy conversion in general. In addition, the lab has been used to accommodate for technical workshop in power electronics. Currently, the lab houses a total of 8 benches consisting of 6 instructional lab benches (Figure 1) and 2 senior project/thesis benches (Figure 2).

Instructional lab bench

Figure 1. Instructional lab bench

Senior project/Thesis benches

Figure 2. Senior project/Thesis benches

Over the past few years, the power electronics lab has received generous cash and equipment donations from the following companies:

In terms of research activity, the lab has drawn interest from power electronic companies in the form of either student projects or consulting projects that make use of the power electronic lab. As an example, APD Semiconductor (acquired by Diodes, Inc.) conducted student projects on the Super Barrier Rectifier diode in 2006 which involved as many as 15 undergraduate students. Faculty have also utilized the lab for their research, such as the SuPER (Sustainable Power for Energy Resource) project which has already produced senior projects and master’s theses. Lastly, the power electronic lab has recently produced prototypes of 2 new multiphase topologies recently filed for US Patents by Cal Poly.

For further information on how we may assist you in your power electronic related project or for any other information, please contact Dr. Taufik via email taufik@calpoly.edu or phone number (805) 756-2318.

Current Equipment

Each instructional lab bench has the following equipment:

The two senior project/thesis/research benches are equipped with the following equipment:

Equipment Needs