Power Senior Project Lab/Remote Tech Group/Electric Power Institute

Location: 20-101
Coordinator: Dr. Ahmad Nafisi
Facilities: EE 461, EE 462, EE 500, EE 599
Size: 1225

Picture of Power Senior Project Lab/Remote Tech Group/Electric Power Institute


Room 101 is the center for the research activities associated with the power engineering program. It also houses The Electric Power Institute. The room provides various voltage levels and instrumentations needed for power-related graduate and undergraduate projects, including master theses and senior projects. There are three test benches protected with fuses and circuit breakers.


Available voltages to the benches are:

Current Equipment

Laboratory Equipment



(1)   AC Power Source                            California 501TC       

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Agilent DSO3202A 200 MHz 2ch USB

(2)   Power Analzyer                               Valhalla 2013A 3-phase

(3)   Bench Power Supply                       AC/DC 40A

(2)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 755      

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Tektronix 222PS 10 MHz 2ch

(1)   Spectrum Analyzer                          Anritsu MS610B 10 KHz  - 2 GHz

(1)   Controller Display                            Magtrol 6200 

(1)   Dynamometer                                  Magtrol HD-705-6N 55lbin 25000rpm

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Nicolet 4094C

(1)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex GX620

(2)   Power Supply                                   Heathkit IP-2718 5V/1.5A 20V/0.5A

(1)   Function Generator                          Hewlett Packard 3311A        

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Tektronix 2232 100 MHz 2ch

(3)   AC Power Source                            Elgar 1001SL 

(1)   Relay Meter Tester                           Schweitzer SEL-351S

(1)   Adaptive Multichannel Source        Schweitzer SEL-AMS           

(1)   Communications Processor              Schweitzer SEL-2030

(1)   AC Meter                                         YEW 250A    

(2)   Power Meter                                    Yokogawa 2533         

(1)   Printer                                              Hewlett Packard LaserJet 600 M601

(4)   Overcurrent Relay                            Schweitzer SEL-167  

(1)   Relay Tester                                     Schweitzer SEL-121   

Equipment Needs

Short term needs:

Long term needs: