Photonics Lab

Location: 20-134/135
Coordinator: Dr. Xiaomin Jin
Facilities: EE 443, EE 458
Size: 682
Average Number of Students a Year: 67
Utilization Ratio: 0.1

Picture of Photonics Lab


The photonics program in the Electrical Engineering Department of Cal Poly began in 1985 with a lecture course in fiber optics. With the assistance of Hewlett-Packard and several other corporations, a fiber optics laboratory was introduced in 1986. Currently there are four lecture courses and two laboratory courses in fiber optics and photonic engineering.

EE403/EE443  Fiber Optic Communication Lecture/Laboratory

EE418/458 Photonic Systems Engineering Lectuer/Laboratory

EE530 Fourier Optics

At least 100 seniors annually take either or both the fiber optics and the photonic engineering lecture courses. Of these, at least 80 take either or both of the associated laboratory courses. In addition, at least 15 senior projects and 3 master's theses are completed in fiber optics and photonics annually. The photonics courses are the most heavily subscribed elective courses in the electrical engineering program.

The photonics laboratory has improved dramatically over the last five years. We have received approximately $250,000 in cash and over $600,000 in equipment grants. In addition, the State has committed over $40,000 to the laboratory. These resources have been used to purchase equipment for three workstations used in two laboratory courses. The workstations allow the students to make fundamental measurements in fiber optics, networks, and photonics using modern equipment and techniques.

An important feature of the photonics laboratory is the extensive use of the GPIB interface between instruments and a personal computer. A majority of the experimental work involves the use of graphical programming environment to acquire data over the GPIB interface, process and display it, and then print the results on a laser printer.

Current Equipment

Laboratory Equipment


Each instructional lab station in room 134 (4 stations, 2-3 students each) is equipped with:



(1)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 760, Intel Core Duo 3 GHZ, 4 GB,                                                                          RAM, 2TB HD

(2)   Laser Power Supply                         Uniphase 1201-1

(1)   Power Supply                                   Heathkit IP-2718 5V/1.5A 20V/0.5A

(1)   Multimeter                                       Fluke 45

(1)   Signal Processor                               IntraAction ME

(1)   Optical Signal Source                      Hewlett Packard 8150A

(1)   Pulse Generator                                Stanford Research DG535

(1)   Pulse Generator                                Hewlett Packard 8116A 50 MHz

(1)   Optical Receiver                              Hewlett Packard 81519A 400 MHz

(1)   Optical Receiver                              BCP 300

(1)   Laser Diode Current Source            ILX Lightwave LDX-3210

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Hewlett Packard 54504A 400 MHz 2ch GPIB

(1)   Optical Reflectometer                      Hewlett Packard 8146A

(1)   Spectrum Analyzer                          Agilent 86140B

(1)   Optical Meter                                   Newport 1835-C





Additional equipment available in the laboratory:


Hardware ( Room 134):

(1)   Current Source                                 Light Control Instruments LCI-1002

(1)   Optical Power Meter                        Newport 835

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Tektronix 2330 100 MHz 2ch

(1)   Laser Transmitter                             BCP 400

(1)   Lightwave Source                            Hewlett Packard 83400A 300 KHz - 3 GHz

(1)   Power Supply                                   Hewlett Packard 6205B 40V/3A 20V/6A

(1)   Printer                                              Hewlett Packard LaserJet 600 M601

(1)   Digital Communications Analyzer   Agilent PCA-J 86100C

(1)   Error Performance Analyzer            Agilent 70843B 0.1 - 12 Gb/s

(1)   Pattern Generator                             Hewlett Packard 70841B 0.1 - 3 Gb/s

(1)   Error Detector                                  Hewlett Packard 70842B

(1)   Error Performance Analyzer            Agilent 70843C 0.1 - 12.5 Gb/s

(1)   Power Supply                                   Mastech HY3003D-3



Hardware ( Room 135):

(2)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 755      

(3)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 760      

(1)   Multimeter                                       Fluke 45         

(3)   Picoammeter                                    Keithley 480  

(2)   Picoammeter                                    Keithley 485  

(1)   Pulse Generator                                Wavetek 801 50 MHz

(3)   Optical Power Meter                        Newport 835  

(1)   Polarization Controller                     Hewlett Packard 11894A      

(1)   Multimeter                                       Keithley 172A           

(1)   Multimeter                                       Keithley 173A           

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Hewlett Packard 1740A 100 MHz 2ch

(1)   Power Supply                                   Topward 3302D         

(1)   Function Generator                          Hewlett Packard 3311A 100 KHz

(9)   Function Generator                          Agilent            33220A 20 MHz

(1)   Multimeter                                       Agilent            34401A          

(1)   Voltmeter                                         Hewlett Packard 3455A        

(2)   Dynamic Signal Analyzer                Hewlett Packard 35665A      

(1)   Power Supply                                   Tektronix HY3003D-3          

(1)   Power Supply                                   Agilent 3630A 6V/2.5A 20V/0.5A

(1)   S-param Analyzer                            Hewlett Packard 4145A        

(1)   S-param Analyzer                            Hewlett Packard 4155A        

(2)   RF Impedance Analyzer                  Hewlett Packard 4191A 1 MHz - 1 GHz

(1)   Power Meter                                    Hewlett Packard 456A          

(5)   Oscilloscope                                     Hewlett Packard 54501A 100 MHz 4ch GPIB

(2)   Power Supply                                   Power Designs 6050A

(1)   Power Supply                                   Hewlett Packard 6555A 120V/4A

(1)   Microwave Downconverter             Hewlett Packard 70427A 5 MHz - 26.5 GHz

(2)   Optical Spectrum Analyzer              Hewlett Packard 70951A 600 - 1700 nm

(1)   Optical Spectrum Analyzer              Hewlett Packard 70951B 600 - 1700 nm

(1)   Multimeter                                       Fluke 8050A  

(1)   Pulse Generator                                Hewlett Packard 8112A 50 MHz

(1)   Pulse Generator                                Hewlett Packard 8114A        

(2)   Function Generator                          Hewlett Packard 8116A 50 MHz

(1)   Tunable Laser Source                       Hewlett Packard 8167A        

(1)   Reflectometer                                  Agilent 8504B           

(1)   Network Analyzer                           Hewlett Packard 8720B 130 MHz - 20 GHz

(1)   Power Supply                                   Agilent E3648A 8V/5A 20V/2.5A

(4)   Power Supply                                   Shanghai Mastech HY3003D-3

(2)   Power Supply                                   Heathkit IP-2718 5V/1.5A 20V/0.5A

(2)   Current Source                                 Light Control Instruments LCI-1002

(3)   Laser Diode Controller                    ILX Lightwave LDC-3744B

(1)   Multimeter/Power Supply                Lambda LG-410 10V/2A

(1)   Power Supply                                   Sorenson QR18-1.5A

(1)   Swept Laser Source                         Insight SLE-101 1522.7 - 1563.8 nm

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Tektronix TDS 784A 1 GHz 4ch

(1)   Multimeter/Power Supply                Agilent U3606A 30V/1A 8V/3A

(1)   Microscope w/ Opticam                                          

(1)   Microscope                                       Alessi

(1)   Fiber Optic Interferometer               Hewlett Packard 11980A

(1)   Passive Component Analyzer          Agilent 86082A

(1)   LD Driver Temperature Controller  Ketter KNN-2000LT

(1)   Sub-Micron Analytical Probe          Signatone S-250-5

Equipment Needs

The basic thrust of the development of the photonics lab is threefold: to accommodate student demand for the laboratory courses by adding a fourth workstation; to complete the integration of the LabView programming environment into the operation of the laboratory and to network the computers; and to upgrade existing equipment to keep up with the rapid advancements in photonics. The acquisitions listed below will contribute to a dramatic improvement in the quality of the students' laboratory experience in photonics.

Development Plan:

Total estimated cost for these upgrades is $125K.