Energy Conversion Lab

Location: 20-102
Coordinator: Dr. Ali Shaban
Facilities: EE 365, EE 417, EE 444
Size: 1432
Average Number of Students a Year: 307
Utilization Ratio: 0.21

Picture of Energy Conversion Lab


Room 20-102 is equipped with AC (240, 208,120) three- and single-phase voltages and a motor-generator set that produces DC (120, 240) voltages. These voltage sources are distributed to eight benches. Each bench is equipped with three-phase digital power meter, six 35 Ohms resistors, and a three-phase variac. Each bench comes with three single-phase transformers, three-phase induction motor, single-phase induction motor, three-phase synchronous motor/generator, and a DC motor.

Room 20-102 service a sophomore lab for majors and non-majors (EE295), and two senior labs for power majors (EE 417 and EE 444). 

Equipment Needs

Short term needs:

Long term needs: