Digital Signal/Image Processing Lab (CPE Lab)

Location: 20-118
Coordinator: Dr. Wayne Pilkington
Facilities: EE/CPE 461, EE/CPE 462
Size: 1131
Average Number of Students a Year: 74
Utilization Ratio: 0.07


This laboratory facility is only four years old, and is supported by essentially hand-me-downs from the other laboratories. Its development has truly been a victim of the budget crisis at Cal Poly. The intent is for there to be at least 16 workstations which would consist of the union of the workstation capability of those in the Digital Systems Design and Microprocessor Laboratories. This laboratory development is a high priority, now that rooms 100 and 121 have received an upgrade, thanks to HP.

Current Equipment

A summary of the equipment currently in the laboratory is shown below:

Equipment Needs

There is room for at least 16 workstations, a programmer station, and four specialty workstations. The 16 workstations should be NT-based stations with HP 1660 dual logic analyzer/digital oscilloscope and other supporting instrumentation, about $20k per station; these workstations also should support the laboratory experiments used by the courses in the Digital Systems Design and Microprocessor Laboratories. The four specialty workstations should be provided at a cost of about $30k each, or a total of about $120k. Another $30k is needed to upgrade the programmer station. Hence the total cost is about $470k. Again, HP is the most direct source for obtaining the equipment.