Digital Systems Design Lab

Location: 20-100
Coordinator: Dr. John Oliver
Facilities: CPE 169, CPE 269, CPE 329, X350
Size: 1242
Average Number of Students a Year: 544
Utilization Ratio: 0.44

Picture of Digital Systems Design Lab


Room 100 is one of two digital systems design labs. We teach our digital design curriculum (CPE 133 – Introduction to Digital Design, CPE 233 – Computer Design and Assembly Language Programming, and CPE 329 – Microprocessor System Design) in these labs which are required courses for both Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering majors. These labs also support our graduate courses in computer systems (EE 521, 522, and 523) and our technical electives in the computers technical area (EE 428 (computer vision) and EE 439 (real-time operating systems)) making these labs some of the most utilized for the department’s teaching needs each quarter. The open layout of these labs promotes teaching in a ‘studio’ format where lecture and lab are combined in a common meeting time. The ‘studio’ format augments Cal Poly’s Learn By Doing philosophy as the courses are structured to allow students to spend more time doing experiments and problem sets rather than passively listening to lectures. The labs are not equipped with any development boards (such as the Digilent Nexys board for CPE 133 and CPE 233, or the Arduino Uno or TI MSP430 for CPE 329) as the students are required to purchase this equipment for themselves.

In 2013-2014, Room 100 was equipped with keypad entry and security cameras to allow students 24-hour access to the lab. Twenty-four hour access has promoted camaraderie among the students and has enabled some students to have more timely completion of course projects due to increased access to lab equipment.  


Current Equipment

Each instructional lab station is equipped with:


(1)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 760, Intel Core Duo 3 GHZ, 4 GB,                                                                          RAM, 2TB HD

(1)   Oscilloscope                                     Agilent MSO-X 3012A, 2 channel, 100MHz, USB

(1)   Logic Analyzer                                HP 1651A or 1663CS

(1)   Power Supply                                   6V/2.5A 20V/0.5A Agilent E3630A

(1)   Handheld Multimeter                      Extech EX330

Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise


  • ADS 2013.06                                   Agilent Technologies
  • Altera DSP                                       Altera Corporation
  • Arduino                                            Arduino LLC
  • Atmel Studio 6                                Atmel Corporation
  • Cadence SPB 16.2                           Cadence Design systems
  • Code Composer Studio 5.3             Texas Instruments
  • EMPro 2012.09                                Agilent Technologies
  • Labview                                           National Instruments
  • LTSpice                                            LtSpice           
  • Microsoft Office 2010                     Microsoft
  • Matlab/Simulink 2013A                   Mathworks
  • Orcad 9.2                                         N/A
  • PSCAD X4                                      Manitoba Hydro international
  • Quartis II 12.0                                 Altera Corporation
  • XILINX ISE  Design Suite 14.5     Xilinx
  • XILINX ISE  Design Suite 13.2     Xilinx

Additional equipment available in the laboratory:

 (1)  Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 760, Intel Core Duo 3 GHZ, 4 GB,                                                                          RAM, 2TB HD

(1)        Printer HP Laserjet 4200N

Equipment Needs

a. Programmable Power Supplies

b. Bench multimeters