Computer Design Lab

Location: 20-136
Coordinator: Jaime Carmo
Facilities: Various
Size: 30

Picture of Computer Design Lab


The Computer-Aided Design Laboratory is a flexible teaching studio classroom with 30 stations each equipped with its own computer.  The computers are mounted so that their monitors can be viewed through the desktop, and the keyboard and mouse are concealed but easily accessible in a drawer.  This allows each station to serve both as a laboratory or project center for individual computer-based design projects; as well as an unobstructed desk space for lecture classes.  Thus, this room is employed for courses with individual computer-aided design projects (as opposed to team projects); although two students per workstation can be accommodated if needed.


This room is also equipped with audio and video equipment suitable for using this room as a remote learning classroom; showing live streaming course content originating from a remote site.

Current Equipment

Each instructional lab station is equipped with:



(1)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 780, Intel Core Duo 2.66 GHz, 4 GB
                                                                 RAM, 160 GB HD, GPIB