The Big "E"

Location: Building 20
Coordinator: Jaime Carmo
Average Number of Students a Year: 1100

Picture of The Big "E"


Building 20 is the beloved home of the Electrical Engineering Department and the Computer Engineering Program at Cal Poly.  The building is shaped like a Big E as seen on google earth.    This single story building was constructed in the 1950s.  Each year we invite back a 50th reunion Alumni class so they can tell us stories of the faculty and students who made and continue to make this a legendary facility on campus.   The Big E is located centrally on campus giving easy access to all of Cal Poly's features such as the recreation center and student union.    We are right across the sidewalk from our Computer Science neigbors in building 14.   We have an outdoor work space named Fort McCarley.   The Amateur Radio Station antenna array is located in Fort McCarley.   The Electrical Engineering department also has research facilities in building 4 and building 52.


Please come by for a visit.   You'll find a very impressive array of laboratories.