EE Student Project Lab

Location: 20-111
Coordinator: Jaime Carmo
Facilities: EE 461, EE 462
Size: 1175
Average Number of Students a Year: 2

Picture of EE Student Project Lab


This Project Project Lab is an open lab where all students have ready access to basic electronic test equipment and instrumentation. The primary purpose of the lab is to provide the space and resources needed by students to complete their Senior Design and general student Projects.  The lab is also available for students who need to complete projects and assignments from their other EE courses and laboratories, or for EE graduate students working on projects related to their thesis research. The lab also serves as a meeting location for groups of students working on team projects. Many students also use this lab to work on supplemental learning projects to enhance their understanding of class and lab assignments. 

The Projects Lab is open Monday through Saturday and is monitored by student employees. Presently there are thirteen laboratory benches and one large study desk for student use in this lab.  In addition to the array of test equipment provided at the work benches in the Senior Project Lab, additional instrumentation, cabling, and prototyping materials are also available for student laboratory and project use from a check-out window in this Lab.  

Current Equipment

Each of the ten benches are equipped as follows:


Desired equipment:

a. Spectrum Analyzers with tracking generators.

b. Higher frequency sources (1 GHz +)


Laboratory Equipment (13 stations, 2 students per station)


Each instructional lab station is equipped with:


(1)   Computer                                         Dell Optiplex 7010, Intel I5-3570 3.40 GHZ, 8 GB,                                                                      RAM, 1TB HD

(1)   Oscilloscope (one of)                       Agilent MSO-X 2012A 100 MHz 2ch USB

                                                                 Agilent DSO5014A 100 MHz 4ch USB

                                                                 Agilent 54622A 100 MHz 2ch GPIB

                                                                 Agilent DSO3202A 200 MHz 2ch USB

(1)   Multimeter/Power Supply                Agilent U3606A 30V/1A




There are 2 soldering stations equipped with:

(1)   Soldering Iron                                  Weller WTCPT

(1)   Fume Extractor                                Xytonic 426DLX

(1)   Set of Helping Hands


Additional equipment available in the laboratory:



(1)   Function Generator                          Agilent 33220A 20 MHz

(6)   Power Supply                                   Agilent E3548A 8V/5A 20V/2.5A

(2)   Power Supply                                   Agilent E3630A 6V/2.5A 20V/0.5A

(1)   Digital Bridge                                  GenRad 1657 RLC

(2)   Multimeter                                       Hewlett Packard 34401A

(1)   Multimeter                                       Agilent U3402A

(1)   Printer                                              Dell LaserJet 600 M603