Laboratory Facilities

The Cal Poly Electrical Engineering (EE) department proudly differentiates itself from other EE degree granting institutions by the laboratory experience we provide. The EE department directly supports Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” motto by making the laboratory experience a hallmark of the EE curriculum. The department prides itself on both the quantity and quality of required and elective design laboratories. As a result of this hands-on emphasis, high-technology employers understand that Cal Poly EE graduates "hit the ground running" upon entering the workforce.

Laboratory Location
Advanced Communications Systems lab 20-113
Antenna Anechoic Chamber Lab 04-113
Basic Circuits and Electronics Lab 20-146, 147, 148, 149
Capstone Lab 20-145
Computational Intelligence Lab 20-144
Computer Design Lab 20-136
Controls Lab 20-112
Digital Signal/Image Processing/Freshman Projects 20-126
Digital Systems Design Lab 20-100
EE Student Project Lab 20-111
Electrical Engineering Technical Support Laboratory 20-105
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Chamber Lab 04-112
Embedded Systems Lab 20-132
Energy Conversion Lab 20-102
General Project Room 2 20-118
Multidisciplinary Projects Lab 20-131
Photonics Lab 20-134/135
Polymer Electronics Lab 20-105
Power Electronics Lab 20-104
Power Senior Project Lab/Remote Tech Group/Electric Power Institute 20-101
Research/Projects/ElectroChemical Engineering Lab 20-130
RF Microwave Lab 20-116
Sustainable Energy Lab 20-150
Systems and Communications Lab 20-113
The Big "E" Building 20
W6BHZ station Fort McCarley in Building 20