Student advising – a team effort

The faculty and staff of the Electrical Engineering (EE) Department and the staff of the College of Engineering (CENG) Advising Center are available to answer your academic and administrative questions. The EE Department offices are located in Building 20, Room 200. The CENG Advising Center is located in Building 40, Room 115. Find out more information at the Advising Center's website.

You are strongly encouraged to maintain close contact with an advisor throughout your career at Cal Poly. Advisors answer questions regarding the curriculum, approve study plans, assist with class scheduling, write letters of recommendation, and provide career guidance, among other things. All electrical engineering students are assigned a faculty Academic Advisor. This advisor is a full-time EE Department faculty. Please use the matrix below to determine your advisor. All of our students should feel free to contact any faculty or staff member with questions.

If your assigned Advisor is on leave, choose another until your advisor returns. Any regular faculty member can sign the Technical Elective Form. Faculty Advisors do not sign Withdrawal forms. The CENG Advising Center (40-115) will sign most forms dealing with University academic policies.

printable list of advisors is available.

Faculty Advisors

Last Name of Student Faculty Name
Aa-Az Samuel O. Agbo
Ba-Bz William L. Ahlgren
Ca-Cz Dean Y. Arakaki
Da-Dz Bridget Benson
Ea-Fm David B. Braun
Fn-Gm Andrew Danowitz
Gn-Hm Dennis Derickson
Graduate Students Jane Zhang
Hn-Io Dale Dolan
Ip-Jm Xiaomin Jin
Jn-Km James Mealy
Kn-Lm Art MacCarley
Ln-Mn Ahmad Nafisi
Mn-Nm Wayne Pilkington
Nn-Oz Vladimir Prodanov
On Sabbatical Winter '17 John A. Saghri
Pa-Qz Ali O. Shaban
Ra-Rz Lynne Slivovsky
Sa-Sz Tina Smilkstein
Ta-Tz Taufik
Wa-Zz Xiao-Hua (Helen) Yu